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The Early Childhood Learning Center (ECLC) provides a warm, engaging environment dedicated to nourishing children’s minds and to nurturing their spirits. Located on the Westside of Los Angeles, University Synagogue’s Pre-School and Toddler programs are ideal for Jewish and interfaith families living in Brentwood, West Los Angeles, Santa Monica, Westwood and surrounding areas.

Because we believe no single educational philosophy can meet all the needs of every child, our approach combines a play-based model with several educational philosophies, including the Reggio approach, which fosters community, responsibility, and respect through exploration. Our highly trained and caring staff utilizes a range of methods to encourage both socialization and self-expression. Through this developmental approach, children acquire the foundation they need for future academic achievement, well-being, and an appreciation of Jewish tradition.

Our Approach
For our students and their families the Early Childhood Learning Center -- which includes the Toddler Learning Center and Preschool Program -- is a supportive, enriching community both inside and outside the classroom. Creating a stimulating environment informed by spiritual awareness, we offer classes specifically designed for the various stages of a child’s development, from infanthood through transitional Kindergarten. Ours is a “living curriculum”—one that grows with the changing needs of your child, as well as the latest development-based research.

Our engaged, loving staff brings a wide range of educational experience to University Synagogue and regularly takes part in continuing education. Staff members draw upon not only their many years of working with children but also a wellspring of affection and empathy. Teachers dedicate highly focused attention to each child with student-to-teacher ratios ranging from 5:1 to 7:1 varying according to the different age group.

Our children enjoy discovering the traditions of Reform Judaism through music, art, and storytelling, as well as through the active involvement of our Rabbis and Cantor. We further broaden our children’s horizons with regular classes lead by musician/educator Halina Janusz as well as a variety of enrichment programs. Specialist-teachers guide your child in exploring the worlds of sports, computers, musical theater, cooking, science, and other areas of interest (enrichment classes).

We are also proud that our school lives its values by helping families in need through support from the synagogue as well as The Jewish Federation of Greater Los Angeles and the Jim Joseph Foundation. Our underlying goal is to prepare our children for their ongoing, educational journey filled with the virtue of self-confidence and the joy of learning.


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