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University Synagogue has groups and activities for a wide variety of interests and ages. In addition to our workship services, religious educational programs, festival celebrations and Life-Cycle Events, University Synagogue offers its congregants additional opportunities to become more involved as members of our Synagogue Family. Whether your interests concentrate on spiritual, educational or social matters, you can find specific activities here that will provide you with fulfilling experiences to enhance your life, as well as your relationships with others and with God. Over the years these programs include:

Adult choir - For the musically-inclined, our Adult Volunteer Choir offers opportunities to learn beautiful vocal music with a group of congregants and then performs these songs at selected worship services.
Adult Education - Provides ongoing continuing learning opportunities for our adult members.
Havurah - A Havurah is a "gathering of friends." We have special friendship groups consisting of eight to twelve couples, families or individuals who meet monthly and participate in a wide range of activities, from study to gourmet nights on the town. Highly personalized and self-initiated, each Havurah is formed and run by its members, who also determine their own group's activities.

University Synagogue 20s and 30s/Young professionals group is an exciting new community at University Synagogue.

Come join this vibrant community of young professional Reform Jews on LA’s or Happy Hours, social justice activities, new and exciting services and holiday celebrations throughout the LA area.

Israeli Folk Dance - Once a month on Saturday night. Orly Setarah leads a vibrant evening filled with food, fun and friends.
Sisterhood - An affiliate of the Women for Reform Judaism, its members of all ages are dedicated to serving our Synagogue, providing educational programs, developing personal friendships and enjoying numerous social, educational and spiritual activities. Dues are $45.00 per year.
Silver Generation - Our newest group focuses on our over-60 congregants for social and learning opportunities, for both men and woman, and couples and singles.
Mitzvah Corps
Youth Groups Junior UNITY and UNITY. University Temple Youth are High School students who interact with their peers in a variety of social activities and programs. UNITY is an affiliate of the North American Federation of Temple Youth (NFTY). Junior UNITY is our youth group for middel school aged children.
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